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Hi, my name is Monica Nitu, and I started this nonprofit to make a positive impact in my community by addressing the problems of homelessness and poverty in families in Arizona. After witnessing firsthand the challenges that many families and youth face, I decided to take action and create this organization with the goal of making a difference. 

Our unwavering commitment centers on the collection and distribution of essential donations. Our focus extends beyond mere survival; we aspire to empower children and families to flourish despite their circumstances. By providing vital support systems and access to necessary resources, we work to uplift those in need in the Valley.

Through our focus on collecting necessary donations for children and families to thrive, we strive to provide support and resources to those in need. But our aspirations transcend short-term relief. Our ultimate goal is to create a better community for all!

Did You Know?
  • Arizona has the 8th highest homelessness rate in America. As of 2023, an estimated 13,553 people in Arizona are unhoused (HUD).

  • In the past year, Arizona saw the largest increase in the number of unhoused youth in the nation (Cronkite News).

  • 19% of children live under the poverty line and 15% live in high-poverty areas in Arizona, compared to the national 17% and 9%, respectively (Children's Action Alliance).

Together, we can make a difference in our community by offering support to those facing homelessness and poverty. By raising awareness and contributing resources we can create a brighter future for all Arizonans.

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